Coffee for one

For a long time, I made coffee with a cafetière. I make coffee one cup at a time and, whilst a cafetière is great for multiple cups, it wasn't great for me. They're fiddly to clean, can leave sediment in the coffee, and break when dropped.

This year I've completely changed my coffee setup. It's optimised for brewing a single cup at a time at the weekend, so takes a little more time, but makes a really nice cup of coffee. If I did this during the week I'd buy pre-ground coffee since I'd use it faster and so be less concerned about its freshness.

The coffee-making process

I start with some nice, local, Small Batch beans.

Small Batch coffee beans

The beans are ground in my Hario Mini Mill.

Hario Mini Mill

I weigh the beans out - 17-20g depending on my caffeine requirement.

Coffee beans on scales

Then grind away until they're all done. I'm playing with grind sizes, and at the moment it's #8 on this grinder.

Ground coffee in grinder

Maybe a little coarse, but it makes a nice cup.

Close-up of ground coffee

Now add water and brew.

Coffee brewing in Aeropress

Press into the mug. Slowly does itߪ

Aeropress on coffee mug

And now, it's time to drink.

Mug of coffee

I really like this setup. Once the coffee's done I just eject the grounds from the Aeropress, then give it and the grinder a rinse. The only perishable items are the Aeropress filters, and one pack lasts forever. If you're making coffee for one, I'd definitely recommend this method.